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Fifteen Grey's related (from 'Break on Through') icons in support of the WGA Strike 2007!!!
No credit required, just use them! Please!
the idea was totally borrowed from themightybee, and I give her total creative genius!


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formerly _lavieboheme!

hey guys, just wanted to let you know i finally renamed this thing. yes, it was formerly _lavieboheme, and now it's cleangetaway. i'm going to start updating it more, and maybe just starting from scratch. therefore, if you'd like to stay, please do! just wanted you to know.

first up is going to be a katherine heigl super spam that i've been working on. if there's anything you want me to include, just tell me! i'm going to try to put together at least 50 icons from various things. any specifics, i'm totally up for :)

- heather

Big Brother Icons

- 5 "Random" BB7
- 6 Howie-isms
- 2 Will & Janelle
- 7 Chilltown DR Phone Convos
- 2 Will BB2
- 6 Puppet Show


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- Enjoy!

Jenna Leigh Green

I haven't updated this in a while, so here, have some icons.


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Reese Witherspoon #2

I made more Reese!movie icons in honor of Just Like Heaven coming out on DVD tomorrow. Enjoy!

6 Just Like Heaven
8 Walk the Line (Black & white)


01. 02.


Something I think you all should have the pleasure of hearing. Comment. Giggle. Love it.

Reese Witherspoon!

Icons, icons, and more icons!

10 Cruel Intentions
9 Walk the Line
5 Just Like Heaven
11 Pleasantville
5 Sweet Home Alabama
9 Legally Blonde



01. 02. 03.

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If you haven't been reading your friends list today, or somehow missed this in another community, I have some exciting news to bring!

My dear friend Kimmie and I, for the past few months or so, have been working on a project called Pieces, a website for Jenna Leigh Green. We decided today would be the day we announce it to all of you, and open it to the public. Pieces was made to show our love for Jenna, and to provide a source for other people to learn and enjoy her talent.

Talking it over, we decided that when we made the announcement to open, we should go over a few minor details that are important to us as well as to you:

1. This is not an official website. Although Jenna knows about it, views it regularly, and contributes on her own terms ("Whenever I can!") -- we are not her official webmistresses. Any information is obtained through Jenna and other sources. We have no plans at this point to go official, and we ask that you understand that while we communicate with Jenna about the site, we are not affiliated with her professionally.

2. We understand that other [fan] websites exist about Jenna. We aren't in this to compete with them in any way. It was a project started entirely for Jenna, from us. We are not discouraging anyone from viewing another website about her.

3. That being said, if you have a website about Jenna or just a website in general that you would like to affiliate with Pieces, drop us an email at heatherandkimmie@gmail.com. This site was made to spread the love, not take all of it for ourselves. However, emailing this address with messages for Jenna is NOT cool.

4. There is a page on the site that is currently being updated. That's the Bio page. We're in the process of adding some information to that, and trying to add some new things and improve it with time. Any and all suggestions are welcome!

And with all that said, we're pleased to present ---

♥ Heather

(This is cross-posted by both Kimmie and I everywhere. Apologies for the spam!)